Giant Liquid Argon Charge Imaging Experiment (GLACIER)
The GLACIER project
This page is devoted to studies related to the extrapolation of the liquid Argon TPC in order to reach the adequate fiducial mass for future long-term physics programs. We consider two mass scales:
  1.  A 100 kton liquid Argon TPC will deliver extraordinary physics output. It will be an ideal match for a future Superbeam, Betabeam or Neutrino Factory. This program is very challenging.
  2.  A full-scale prototype on the scale of 10 kton could be readily envisaged as an engineering design test with a physics program of its own. This step could be detached from a neutrino facility.
  3.  A 1 kton prototype possibly at shallow depth is considered in order to finalize engineering and implementation issues.
  4.  An open issue is the necessity of a magnetic field encompassing the liquid Argon volume. At this stage this seems to be only necessary for the neutrino factory.
Passive perlite insulation
φ≈70 m
h =20 m
Max drift length
Electronic crates
Venice, 2003
ETHZ (Switzerland), Bern University (Switzerland), Granada University (Spain), IPN Lyon (France), Sheffield University (UK), Cryogenic department, Southampton University (UK) Institut Luft und Kältetechnik (ILK) Dresden (Germany)  INR Moscow (Russia), INP Krakow (Poland), US Katowice (Poland), UPS Warszawa (Poland), UW Warszawa (Poland), UW Wroclaw (Poland)