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T2K neutrino oscillation experiment

The T2K experiment is a second generation neutrino oscillation experiment using the existing Super-Kamiokande experiment as the main detector. The new Japanese nuclear physics facility being built at Tokai, on Japan's east coast, has a high-power 50 GeV proton synchrotron originally intended to produce beams for neutron scattering and high energy nuclear physics. The aim of T2K is to use this high-intensity proton beam to generate an intense muon neutrino beam aimed approximately at Super-Kamiokande (a slightly off-axis geometry is used to produce a more monochromatic beam).

The primary aim of the T2K experiment is to measure sin2q23 to an accuracy of +0.01, the 2-3 mass squared difference to an accuracy of 10-4 eV, and the as yet unmeasured mixing angle sin2q13 to an accuracy of approximately 0.01 (depending on the values of other parameters). This performance is about an order of magnitude better than currently running experiments.

A T2K-LAr working group (restricted access) was initiated in November 2004 in order to prepare an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a 100 ton liquid Argon TPC detector at the future 2km position at the T2K experiment in Japan.

A document was sent in May 2005 to the NuSAG committee in USA.

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